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School Counselor

School Counseling Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Frances Willard Elementary School counseling program is to provide a comprehensive counseling program addressing the academic, career and personal/social needs of all students.  Frances Willard Elementary will provide a safe and positive learning environment where students can be on track and on time along with basic social, coping and problem solving skills to be a productive member of our community.  With the help of teachers, parents and community members we can provide the foundation for students to become respectful, responsible and safe.

What Do School Counselor’s Do?

  • Teach Guidance Lessons to All Classrooms
  • Meet with Students Individually in Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Collaborate With Teachers, Staff & Parents
  • Lunch Bunch

Reasons to Meet with the School Counselor

  • You have a conflict with a friend
  • You are feeling mad, sad, scared, worried or anxious
  • Struggling with school work
  • You are being bullied
  • Problems at home
  • Just need to talk to someone